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Joe’s Market Update – April 30, 2019


Berry fans should stick with autumn raspberries & strawberries for the next few weeks because…

Blueberries have hit the roof in price and…

It will be at least a couple of weeks before better blueberry options are available!

Bananas are also creeping up due to the colder weather up north,

But interestingly,

Passionfruit have come down a little in price as supply increases back into Victoria.

Along with lots of apple & pear options,

Other good fruit options include green & red seedless grapes which are still pretty good eating and value, and…

There is good supply of large autumn figs too, but…

My pick for fruit this week,

Would have to go to Large Red Plums.

Pretty much the last of the stone fruit,

They are firm, sweet & excellent in flavour.


Not much has changed in veggies with most autumn/winter lines abundant and decent value.

Green beans are creeping up, no surprise being a summer line.

Bok choy and silver beet continue to be very well priced.

And both are very good choices for quick stir-fries…

Or even boiled or steamed and served with olive oil & lemon as a nice side salad.

Fennel, brown onion & leeks continue to be other good choice, but,

My pick of the week has to go to locally grown, Victorian carrots.

Carrots, both Dutch bunches and large are well priced,

Great quality,

And ideal for stocks, stir fries, roasting & purees!

That’s all for this week’s update.

Joe Russo
Foodie | 3rd Generation Green Grocer