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PEOPLE FIRST OLD-SCHOOL VALUES We value our amazing customers first and foremost, bringing old school family values back into the local community. STAY CONNECTED THINKING LOCAL SUPPORTING LOCAL GROWERS We source local produce so you eat fresher, healthier & tastier while allowing local farming to continue & thrive for generations to follow. STAY CONNECTED AMAZING PRODUCTS THAT SPECIAL MEAL We help you create special meals every time, because we all know delicious meals begin with Top Shelf ingredients. STAY CONNECTED


Life is but a series of moments and we’d like you to experience as many delicious moments as possible.

It could be the simplest snack – a tasty, crunchy & absolutely fresh new-season apple. Or maybe something fancier – some quince paste to finish off that cheese platter for your dinner party.

Whatever the moment, we’ve got you covered.


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It goes without saying that you’ll find the freshest & tastiest produce, the most amazing groceries, and our friendly team on-call to answer questions in-store.

But we’d like to take your food experience one step further.

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