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Grocery Lines



We have a wide range of artisan local and imported grocery lines that include a large free-from and organic range.

From shelf to fridge to freezer — we have something for everyone.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know!


Yes, we deliver! Just send us an email or give us a call.

Phone: 03 9885 2242

We’re also more than happy to take your bags to the car for you!


Free From

We have an extensive range of artisan grocery items to cater for most dietary intolerances and allergies including…

Gluten Free

Pasta, flour, cereals, condiments, crackers, noodles, crumbed NZ blue gredeneir, potato cakes, chips, arancini, peanut butter, pasta sauce, mayonnaise and dips.

Dairy Free

Almond milk, lactose free milk and soy milk, as well as cheese, and yoghurt.


Milk, Cheese, Kefir, Yoghurt


Tin Tomatoes, passatta, pasta, vinegars, balsamic reductions, sauces, oils, brie and camembert cheese, yoghurt, couscous, lentils, eggs, chickpeas, bean, soup, coconut, tahini, veggie patties, falafels, sweet potato rosti, simmer sauces including rojan josh and butter chicken, and coconut water.


Local Victorian free-range eggs from Caravan Eggs and Gippsland Eggs.

Produce – The Usual Suspects

Along with all of the everyday varieties of fruit and veg you expect from Top Shelf Fine Fruits, we also offer a large range of specialty produce.

Asian mushrooms, exotic mushrooms, exotic fruits, gourmet and heirloom tomatoes, Asian leafy greens, root vegetables, heirloom carrots, and melons.

We guarantee only the freshest and best quality fresh produce the markets have to offer. If it’s not the best, we won’t buy it!

Items in the Pantry

Red, black, green, and wild rice, Carnaroli, aborio and basmati rice.

Instant polenta, semolina, black, red and green lentils, Israel Pearl couscous, bulgur, freekeh, white and mixed quinoa, couscous and faro.

Canned and bagged beans, chickpeas, nuts, and dried fruit.

Tinned tuna, anchovies, mustard, olives, capers, dressings, gourmet salt and pepper and spices.

Artisan dried pasta and sauces.

Flour, sugar, coconut products and cereals.

Ground coffee, coffee beans, a wide variety of artisan tea, drinking chocolate, and protein powders.

In the Fridge & Freezer

We carry a wide variety of Australian and imported cheeses, including goat and sheep milk cheese, haloumi, mozzarella, feta, Parmesan, and French-style soft cheeses.

We also stock natural and flavoured yoghurt, milk, cream, butter, flaxseed oil, filled pasta, gnocchi, bone broth, dumplings, and soup.

Our protein lines include Salmon, New Zealand Blue Grenadier, roast chicken breasts and schnitzels.

We also stock arancini, pasta, potato cakes, and chips, as well as apple crumble, chocolate pudding, macaroons, peanut butter, pastry, frozen fruit, frozen veggies, pies, pasta sauce, pita bread, Roti, pizza and pizza bases.

Our deli range includes Cotoletta, porchetta, salami, ham, chicken, tofu, pancetta, and prosciutto.

Meal Kits and Simmer Sauces

Short on time?

We pride ourselves on offering top quality artisan quick dinner options to make your weeknights that little bit easier.

Take advantage of our quality meal kits and pasta and sauce combinations like rice, lentil, and couscous kits by From Basque with Love and Otway Pasta Co.

We also have a wide range of curry sauces including butter chicken, rogan josh, Thai red curry, Thai green curry, and tikka masala.

Our artisan pasta sauces include tomato and basil, Napoleana, putenesca and Bolognese.

Bakery Items

Our artisan bread and pastries are baked fresh every day and include ciabatta, sourdough, light rye, olive sourdough, chia sourdough, French sticks, sourdough sliders, white sliced, croissants, danishes and muffins.

Sweet Treats

Artisan chocolates, lollies, biscuits, meringues, marshmallow, cookies, waffles, Italian biscuits, honey coated popcorn, Greek Pastries and biscuits.

Find all of your favourite products from your favourite artisan producers including:
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  • Adelia
  • Ansh Foods
  • Artisan’s Table
  • Beerenberg
  • Benvenuti in Sicilia
  • Berry King
  • Bio Nature
  • Bio Nature Amisa
  • Biona Organic
  • Bite me
  • Bragg
  • Byron Bay Peanut Butter Co
  • Capiccio
  • Carmelina
  • Carwari
  • Caspers Pies & Pastries
  • Charisma
  • Chef’s Choice
  • Chris’ Dips
  • Colavita
  • Coldyna
  • Daylesford Condiment Company
  • Dench Bakery
  • DeTecco
  • Doodles Creek
  • Doodoni
  • Eat Pasta
  • Emmaline’s
  • Essential Ingredient
  • Every Bit Organic RAW
  • Fancy Hanks
  • Farmer Girl Vegan Sauces
  • From Basque with Love
  • Fromager d’Affinois
  • Genovase
  • Good Morning Cereals
  • Graisse De Canard
  • Happy Happy Soy Boy
  • Higher Living
  • Illy
  • Kytons Bakery
  • LavAzza
  • Maggie Beer
  • Marcel
  • Marisa’s Kitchen
  • Marlo
  • Massel
  • Mazzetti
  • Meadows
  • Megachef
  • Meredith Dairy
  • Messino
  • Milk Lab
  • Ministry of Tea
  • Minor Figures
  • Molinodi Ferro
  • MonJay Mezza
  • Moretto
  • Mount Zero
  • Mr Pita
  • Mrs Darlington’s
  • Niulife
  • Oliver Lane
  • Orchard Valley Nuts
  • Otway Pasta Company
  • Oz ganics
  • Passion Pasta
  • Pastificio Di Martino
  • Paysan Breton
  • Polan
  • Providence
  • Pure Pops
  • Raw Materials
  • Recorbet
  • Red Hill Cookies
  • Riso Principe
  • Saluministi
  • Sapori Antichi
  • Satayum
  • Schulz Organic Dairy
  • Serendipity
  • Siena
  • Smokehouse
  • Supreme
  • T Lux Au
  • Tenuta Fragassi
  • That’s Amore
  • The Regimental Condiment Co.
  • Thommy
  • Top Shelf Fruits Cheese
  • Tremila
  • True Organics
  • Unio
  • Urban Pantry
  • Valley Produce Co
  • Valley Seed Crisps
  • Vobra
  • Waltanna Farms
  • Yalla
  • Yarra Valley Dairy
  • Yarra Valley Preserves
  • Yumi’s
  • Zuccato