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Joe’s Market Update – September 5, 2018


If you buy honey from Aussie supermarkets there is a very high chance it is FAKE!

Before reading on, please Share & help us expose the FAKES.

So, FAKE honey!

How does that make you feel?

Not happy?



This week is a market update with a twist!

You may have seen in the news this week that…

Possibly over 50% or half of all “Aussie honey” sold in major supermarkets and by Australia’s largest listed honey company could be FAKE!

This pisses me off for a lot of reasons.

Let’s start off with Reason Number 1…

Cheating the Australian public!

As humans, we generally give people & companies (including supermarkets) the benefit of the doubt that they are telling us the truth.

Reason number 1 that I’m pissed is that these sellers of FAKE “honey” are basically taking advantage of this genuinely nice quality in people.

They are breaching our trust.


Because they think… NO, because they are… getting away with it.

They’ve been doing it for years and if we don’t do something about it they’ll keep doing it!

Reason Number 2!

It’s killing the local honey bee farming industry.

Local, hardworking, ethical honey bee farmers are unable to compete on price because they (most) are selling the real thing…

100% pure Australian honey!

We stock it instore & yes it is more expensive than supermarket brands, but, pardon the pun…

You’re not comparing apples with apples when comparing our local Aussie honey to the FAKE supermarket stuff!

Best way to deal with this is ditch the crappy imports and get your hands on the slightly more expensive, real stuff!

Reason Number 3.

It’s a health concern when unsuspecting consumers eat the FAKE honey.

Often our customers buy pure, local honey or good quality imported honey when they have a cold, a sore throat or as an alternate, healthier alternative to sugar, but…

You are actually consuming, ingesting if you like, often toxic who knows what, like…

Added glucose; Beet syrup; high fructose corn syrup; corn starch; and it’s from….

Unknown origin, potentially anti-biotic riddled FAKE honey, that…

Could lead to a whole series of unknown health issues from a product that you may have bought on the basis it was natural & good for you.

So I’m ranting a little.

I’m passionate about this, so…

Help us expose the FAKE honey by sharing this post and…

Whether it’s from us or any other reputable store, make sure you buy only 100% Pure Australian honey and if it’s imported, we suggest New Zealand, Italy & Greece as these countries are known for superior, real, pure honey production!

That’s all for this week’s market update,

Please share to spread awareness.

– Joe Russo
Foodie | 3rd Generation Green Grocer