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Creating Memorable Moments

Honey Mango Frozen Yogurt

When the kids are fighting over the last scoop…

And mum & dad also want a piece of that action…

You know you’re on a winner!

The only problem with this week’s recipe of the week…

Honey mango frozen yoghurt…

Was there simply wasn’t enough!

I was concerned that with no sugar and…

With only a couple of tablespoons on honey…

The flavour just wouldn’t be there.

Boy was I wrong!

The gorgeous sweetness of the new season mango…

Along with the added richness that came from our pure Australian honey…

Made the lime juice & zest a MUST!

When preparing the desert, we did find you needed to be patient when blending the frozen mango with the other ingredients.

We’d pulse & then stop the blender every time the ingredients would get stuck.

Then we’d use a wooden spoon to loosen the ingredients and…

Repeated this process until we got a smooth texture.

By the time we finished the blending part, we just had to pour the mixture into a container & freeze as it was more of a smoothie or a soup than frozen yoghurt.

If you’ve got better equipment you may even be able to serve this straight after blending – either way, it’s worth the wait!

Next time I make this, I’m gonna use some desiccated coconut both in the mixture & for garnish.

I did try some for garnish and it was awesome.

And although I was very happy with the flavour combo I’m sure the coconut would give it another lift of flavour & texture.

Finally, you could definitely use frozen bought mango cheeks in lieu of fresh, but given it’s mango season, why not use the fresh stuff.

Frozen berries would be a good alternative for those that aren’t mango fans and even just for a change of colour & flavour.

That’s all from me…

Looking forward to hearing about & seeing your favourite frozen yoghurt combination.

Buon Appettito!!

– – – – – – – – – –


2 cups mango diced
¾ plain Greek yogurt
2 tbsp pure Australian honey
½ lime (juice & zest)


Put your diced mangoes in the freezer to freeze overnight.

In a food processor or blender, add the frozen mango, yogurt, honey & lime juice and blitz until smooth.

Put mixture into a container and put in the freezer to firm.

Scoop out one ball per bowl & garnish with zest of lime.