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Creating Memorable Moments

Arancini with Avocado Green Goddess Dipping Sauce

I love this green goddess dip. It’s herbaceous and fresh.

Play around with it a bit. You might like to add tarragon or a squeeze of lemon juice.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to our Arancini Art arancini. You’ll find it in the freezer!

It’s also a great salad dressing.

Double the yoghurt quantity, add a little lemon juice, and a little bit of water at a time, until you get the desired consistency. A dash of white wine vinegar will work too.

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1 pack Arancini Art Porcini Mushroom, Truffle & Mozzarella Arancini
1 Shepard avocado
1 handful parsley
1 handful basil
¼ bunch chives
½ c sour cream or Greek yoghurt
Salt & Pepper, to taste


Heat the arancini as per pack directions.

Place the herbs in a small food processor and blitz for about 30 seconds.

Add the avocado, sour cream or yoghurt and a good grinding of pepper and salt and blitz to combine.